Avoid Leading On Empty

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Learn how to build, train, and leverage a team of reliable volunteers in your ministry.

Hear Janice Johnson and Pastor James Mason, Chief Ministry Officer of The Worship Center Church as they discuss what works (and what doesn’t)

3 Common Mistakes ALL ministry leaders make that destroy their chances of ever building a reliable team (paid or volunteer) and how to avoid these mistakes once and for all!


Discover the ONE thing Pastor Mason does differently than most church leaders that positioned him to not only build a team of skilled and highly productive volunteers but also afforded him the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, worry-free two week vacation with his wife and children! (Hint…he did opposite of what most ministry leaders do when recruiting volunteers…and it worked!)


The BIGGEST, MOST IMPACTFUL thing you can do TODAY to transform your volunteer team into a highly effective, fully functional, mission-driven people group who serve together in unity (as opposed to just tolerating one another)…again, without overworking yourself as a leader.


The EXACT step-by-step model he used to grow his ministry team from a few faithful servants to building a robust volunteer ministry full of dedicated, purpose-driven people who are committed to fulfilling with excellence the vision and mission of the church. Yes, you too can move from touching a handful of individuals to serving and supporting crowds of people through your ministry WITHOUT a big budget, experiencing burnout, or brow-beating people to join you in the work!


3 Simple BUT powerful habits successful ministry leaders practice that help them avoid overwhelm, overwork, and under-performance when carrying out a God-sized vision.

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