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No Name

Have you been secretly struggling with the fact that no one knows your name? Or the name of your ministry?

Do you feel that God has called you to a greater platform than the one you currently have?

Have you been told that your ministry is the best-kept secret in your area?

Before you allow guilt to set in, I am not suggesting that you are selfish or full of pride. If you are like many of my clients, you know that God has graced you with a specific life-changing message He’s called you to reach more people than you’re currently reaching.


So the real question you’re asking is “why am I NOT serving more people?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself the questions above, you must listen to this week’s episode of Expansion-in-Action.

I created this audio resource with YOU in mind. In less than 7 minutes (a record for me) I have managed to pull together key insights that will help you identify and overcome barriers to the growth of your ministry or organization.

Listen now. Be sure to leave a comment below…

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In the comments area below, I’d love to know…

Was this audio resource helpful? Have you found yourself or your ministry in the same predicament? If so, what are some of the strategies you’ve used to overcome becoming a “national no-name”.


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